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Sunday 6 am, insomniac cyclists conspire under a bridge in central Frankfurt to take on the second @greffelruendsche, already a modern classic. 303 kilometers of mind boggling single track, gravel roads, footpaths, bridges, alleys and tracks that defy any categorization stitched together into what feels like some kind of fever dream. One moment you're riding winding single track in the woods, then spat out onto a sandy construction site, back onto gravel, navigate through a maze of gardens and fences and parks before weaving back onto overgrown dirt tracks. You ride so far and yet never leave the city. There's hardly any tarmac, countless changes of directions and it never gets boring or gives you a chance to breath. You get a bit of everything. And a lot of it. The skyline keeps appearing in all possible directions when you least expect it, so do the Taunus hills and other landmarks until you completely lose track of where you are. And it doesn't matter, just follow the squiggly line in front of you. You have to let go of common sense and decide to trust that line, I promise it takes you to places you never knew existed. The definition of ride everywhere. While it's not about the finish line but the track itself, riding the last kilometers back into the city's heart after 20 hours on the bike feels pretty damn special. As if you know something about the city that nobody else does. Thank you for one hell of a ride @kenkanuma #greffelruendsche #rideeverywhere #outallday #exploreyourfrontyard

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